Roundtable lunch with Dr Syed Kamall MEP, Member of the European Parliament for London and Chair of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group in the European Parliament

This week, we were delighted to welcome Dr Syed Kamall MEP, the most senior British politician in the European Parliament, for the latest in our series of #LutherNetwork events.

Kamall began by setting out what the Government hoped to achieve in the negotiations. These aims include providing certainty for British businesses, securing the rights of EU and UK migrants and achieving a fairer immigration system.  He expressed his confidence that Theresa May, whilst holding her cards close, would be able deliver a successful negotiation, arguing that her time as Home Secretary has left her with a good understanding of Brussels and strong relationships with many of her European counterparts.

He outlined his own role as Chair of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group in Brussels, explaining that the political priority of his group was to challenge the view that the future of the EU is simply more integration. Kamall also told guests about his role as a channel between the UK Government and other European officials, helping to foster understanding ahead of the Brexit negotiations. As a representative for London, Kamall’s current work is focused on helping British businesses and other stakeholders engage with EU institutions as the capital looks towards its post-Brexit relationship.

Guests also discussed the relationships between the UK Government and other key players in the negotiations to leave the EU, as well as the role that would be played by the European Parliament and leaders of the EU27 in helping to inform those. Kamall spoke about the ambitions of the other EU states, including what they hoped to gain from Britain’s decision to leave the EU, as well as their concerns for the future of the EU project.

Another key theme was the role of the United States, its relationship with EU and what a new US/ UK trade relationship might look like. Kamall believes that the White House and Republicans in Congress are positively disposed towards the UK and eager to begin looking at a new trading agreements as soon as possible.

Our thanks go to Syed and our guests for joining us.

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