This month we were pleased to welcome John Rentoul, Chief Political Commentator for The Independent, for the latest in our series of #LutherNetwork events.

Whilst you may have been forgiven for thinking that the Easter break would have provided MPs with the fresh determination and impetus needed to create an historic breakthrough in the Brexit process, Rentoul in fact joined us in the week Parliament returned from recess to find the well-trodden mantra that “nothing has changed” to be as true as ever.

As emergent parties declared their candidates for the European elections that were never meant to be, and on the morning after the Conservative Party concluded once again that they would not attempt to oust Theresa May as their leader, Rentoul provided a lucid and unique perspective on where we find ourselves now, and where on Earth we might be heading next.

From alternative histories, the leadership of the two main parties, the role of the Speaker, the future of the Tories and of Brexit itself, as well as the perennial question, “what are the Lib Dems for?”, the discussion was laced with insight, optimism and pessimism is equal measure.

A long-time Blair defender, Rentoul also made reference to learnings from his recent book with fellow commentator Jon Davis – Heroes or Villains? The Blair Government Reconsidered.

Our thanks go to John and our guests for joining us.

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