Tuesday 12th June 2018

This week we were pleased to welcome Andrew Whyte, Director of Communications, FCA, for the latest in our series of #LutherNetwork events.

Andrew is responsible for ensuring the FCA’s role, responsibilities, workstreams and views are well understood by the 58,000 businesses it regulates, the 3,500 staff it employs and its wide and growing array of other stakeholders.

Andrew led a detailed and informative discussion, describing the various complexities and challenges faced by the FCA on a daily basis. This, the group was assured, involved more than just Brexit!

He went on to explain how key objectives of the FCA are as set out in its annual business plan that ensures it stays consistent and relevant to the current financial climate.

Andrew detailed how the fundamental aim of the FCA’s communications, is ensuring that the organisation is as transparent and clear as possible about its Mission. This was especially important, he stated, given the breadth and complexity of the FCA’s remit.

Finally, Andrew gave us a glimpse into what communications at the FCA looks like, including the hundreds of documents, press releases, letters, events and speaker requests they deal with every year.

Our thanks go to Andrew and our guests for joining us.

If you would like to find out more about Luther Network events, including information on how to attend, please email events@luther.co.uk