Ben Frankel


One of Luther’s co-owners since 2011, Ben has 20 years’ experience of advising major multinationals, UK businesses and not-for-profits on campaigns, crisis and reputational issues. He originally specialised in consulting for financial services firms, including Zurich, Rathbones and Aviva. Ben currently works across a range of sectors, advising NIKE’s London and Brussels offices prior to and during the 2012 Olympics, leading Luther’s work for public and charitable organisations, such as the Church of England, Guide Dogs and the MS Society, and he has worked for Croydon Council and Essex County Council on education and devolution issues.

Ben is an education sector specialist, with current clients including multi-academy trusts, as well as free, voluntary-aided and independent schools. Elsewhere, he has extensive experience in the legal world, creating the Consumer Justice Alliance’s campaign to oppose the Legal Aid Bill, and representing a wide range of private practice law firms and their clients, particularly where litigation is involved.

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