week commencing 28/01/18:

With this week’s evidence that “once in a blue moon” really does happen and a collective sigh of relief at Luther Towers that dry / vegan / gym January is at an end – here are our stories of the week.

US giants unite to form new US healthcare company
Responding to huge increases in healthcare costs in the US, Amazon, JPMorgan and Berkshire will work together to create a new healthcare company for their employees. External-link [Financial Times]

Financial woes predicted for post-Brexit Britain
A leaked government paper analysing the fallout of Brexit has concluded that Britain will be worse off under every economic scenario forecasted. External-link [Financial Times]

New rules announced by the Treasury
The Treasury has announced new governance and conduct regime will apply to the insurance sector from 10th December. External-link [Insurance Insider]

Asian markets boom following reported 100% growth
Growing economies are fuelling demand for cover from Asia’s four billion people, leading to reported year-on-year growth of 100% by Lloyd’s. External-link [Bloomberg]

Cryptocurrency theft insurance on the rise
Following reports of the first crypto-heists, major players in the global insurance industry are starting to offer protection against cryptocurrency theft. External-link [Reuters]

M&A may be a winner from this hurricane season
12 years ago, after Hurricane Katrina battered New Orleans, Jeff Greenberg formed Validus. Fast-forward to 2018 and the global insurance industry has just weathered another catastrophic storm season but this time, with premiums under pressure, consolidation could intensify. External-link [Financial Times]

Capita makes drastic changes amid profit warnings
Following the announcement of a large-scale shake-up and a profit warning, outsourcing giant Capita’s shares have plunged by more than a third. External-link [BBC]

Rise of the robots – into journalism?
Robots have been replacing parts of the human workforce for several years, but could we soon be seeing journalists out of work? Articles written entirely by algorithm are already being published both online and in print. External-link [BBC]

Why on earth does pizza insurance exist?

With ‘pizza carryout insurance’ now in existence at Dominos to protect against the accidental destruction of your pizza on the way home, is the concept of insurance being undermined by too many schemes? External-link [Bloomberg]


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