week commencing 22/04/18:

A new royal baby, “le bromance” between Trump and Macron and London Market underwriters being described as “drunks in a bar” – it’s been a media-tastic week here at Luther Towers. Read on for our run-down.

Chubb chief pulls no punches on London
When discussing Chubb’s full year results, Evan Greenberg used some colourful language to describe the pricing in the London Market. External-link [Insurance Day]

The future of insurance as seen by CV Starr and Lemonade
The Financial Times’ recent Insurance & Innovation Summit in New York saw Hank Greenberg and Daniel Schreiber, CEOs of CV Starr and Lemonade respectively, give an insight into their vision for the future of the insurance industry. External-link [Financial Times]

Asian insurance market gathers momentum
Asia is rapidly becoming a leading voice in insurtech with investment and progress gathering pace. According to an industry expert, it’s a ‘pivotal moment’ for the region. External-link [Asian Insurance Review]

Is the insurance industry losing its relevance? Aon CEO says so
Greg Case, CEO of Aon, warned this week that the insurance industry’s failure to evolve and lack of meaningful innovation is damaging its public face and leading it to lose relevance in today’s fast-moving society. External-link [Financial Times]

Manufacturing industry failing to adopt cyber insurance
A new report has shown that two in three British manufacturers don’t have cyber insurance despite a huge 48% of companies in the sector reporting that they have been victims of online crime. External-link [Insurance Age]

Motor premiums remain high following price surge last year
The nation’s car insurers are under fire for not doing enough to bring renewal rates down after last year’s inflated prices. The average car insurance bill has shrunk by 2% but industry experts argue this doesn’t make up for last year’s 9% rise. External-link [The Times]

Grenfell horror shows need for fire safety updates
Insurance firms have warned this week that the UK’s current fire safety tests are not rigorous enough to prevent another tragedy like Grenfell Tower, which devastated the nation last summer. External-link [Financial Times]

Is a new Facebook on the way?
Despite a reported 65% profit increase, Facebook remains engulfed in scandal and it’s an exciting time for new platforms jostling for position in its wake. An Uber investor has opened up a competition seeking the original social media giant’s replacement. Hopefuls must meet one key condition: they have to be ‘actually good for society’. Watch this space, and Facebook: watch your back… External-link [The Guardian]


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