week commencing 18/11/18:

Winter has come here in the UK this week, accompanied by more Brexit than anyone can deal with and some major industry events below – but topped off for Team Luther by being named Adviser of the Year at the Insurance Day Awards last night. Sore heads – of course not!

Losses from Californian wildfires estimated at nearly $13bn
As the smoke starts to clear and the monumental clean-up operation enters its first phase, California’s deadliest ever wildfires look set to cost insurers up to $13 billion. External-link [Financial Times]

Fully electronic marketplace draws nearer
With nearly 30% of in scope risks being placed electronically, industry professionals can see a fully digital marketplace in the not-too-distant future. External-link [Insurance Insider]

CNA Hardy: UK insurers to feel bite from low business confidence
The key finding from CNA Hardy’s Risk and Confidence Survey was that the UK currently has the world’s lowest business confidence. External-link [Insurance Times]

Motor insurers to be subject to ‘robust’ new monitoring system
A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice warned motor insurers at the Association of British Insurers’ motor conference of a strict new system that will monitor discount rate savings. External-link [Post Online]

Lloyd’s COO to leave in 2019
Shirine Khoury-Haq, Chief Operating Officer of Lloyd’s, is the latest member of the top team to resign. External-link [City AM]

Apollo levels misconduct allegations at Athene director
Apollo has accused Imran Siddiqui, an ex-Partner, of serious misconduct, saying it can prove that he used trade secrets in his dealings with an Athene competitor while still at Apollo. External-link [Insurance Insider]

Lessons from Brexit: why CEOs should not be political leaders
Donald Trump aside, another national upheaval has demonstrated why CEOs should never be political leaders: Brexit. External-link [Financial Times]


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