week commencing 15/04/18:

With EC3 brought to a gridlocked halt by the arrival of the Commonwealth heads of nations this week, it was a good job the sun finally arrived and turned  mildly grumpy Brits into chatty, happy souls!  The insurance industry has perked up too and provided us with a flurry of headlines for this week’s round-up of industry news. You can find us monitoring emails from our outdoor office this weekend…

Opinion: XL takeover was a masterclass from McGavick
The huge final price AXA paid for XL was the culmination of months of work in which XL CEO Mike McGavick teased seven potential bidders including Allianz. External-link [Reinsurance]

UK business leaders shift focus to domestic market
According to CNA Hardy’s latest Risk and Confidence survey, UK decision-makers are turning away from Europe in favour of British markets amid widespread political and regulatory uncertainty.  External-link [Insurance Post]

Launch of ambitious new cyber insurance platform
Envelop Risk, a new cyber (re)insurance platform led by data analytics and AI, launched this week amid high expectations and with huge ambition to create evolved cyber insurance products. External-link [Reinsurance]

30% of consumers would insure with global internet heavyweights
New research has shown that a huge portion of consumers would consider deserting industry specialists to buy insurance from Amazon, Facebook or Google. External-link [Insurance Times]

Rebrand for Cunningham Lindsey
Cunningham Lindsey is to be rebranded as Sedgwick following the finalisation of their purchase earlier this week. External-link [Insurance Post]

Equities rule for European insurers chasing returns
The hunt for ever-higher returns combined with shifts in the market has led some of Europe’s largest insurance companies to move €200 billion from fixed income investments to equities since 2011. External-link [Financial Times]

Reinsurance market undaunted by 2017 catastrophes
Despite a record year for catastrophes in 2017 and its consequences for the industry, global reinsurance capital continues to grow unabated. External-link [Reinsurance]

End of an era as the Queen bids goodbye to most loyal companion
Her Majesty is reportedly devastated following the loss of her dog, Willow, who was the last living descendant of her first ever corgi, Susan. Willow’s passing brings the Queen’s lifelong and iconic connection with her favourite breed to an end. External-link [The Telegraph]


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