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Is it just us, or is panto season in full swing in politics? The urge to shout “they’re behind you” is almost overwhelming – see our last story for the ultimate power of parody and the rest for your weekly fix on all things insurance.

Markel CatCo probe begins to bite
Regulators in the US and Bermuda have begun their investigation into Markel CatCo, which confirmed this week that the probe is already hitting profits. External-link [Insurance Day]

AIG’s environment report reflects new loss themes
AIG’s European Environmental Impairment Liability claims intelligence report shows how our changing natural environment is presenting the industry with evolving challenges to face. External-link [AIG]

Justin Emrich on the future of claims in the London Market
Justin Emrich, CIO of Atrium, wants to see a “move towards a truly frictionless market” and for the industry to be bolder in its planning for the future. External-link [TOMSupports]

Hong Kong Insurance Authority launches Belt & Road platform
The highly-anticipated Belt and Road Insurance and Exchange Facilitation launched in Hong Kong this week. The IA hopes to establish Hong Kong as a global centre for risk management. External-link [Asian Insurance Review]

Long read: how can insurers prepare for the future?
EY has published its report on the future of the insurance industry in the US and Americas, including what action carriers can take today to prepare for tomorrow. External-link [EY]

2019 PPL targets introduced
Lloyd’s has set new targets for the adoption of PPL across the market. New measures include increased placement targets and requirements for electronic quotations. External-link [Insurance Day]

Decile 10 combined ratios projected to tumble 26 points
Lloyd’s projections show performance drive will lead Decile 10 combined ratios to fall by 26 points and market premium to shrink by 5%. External-link [Insurance Insider]

Ed announces Bermuda push and names Hearn’s replacement
Andrew Draycott is to take over from Steve Hearn as Ed’s CEO upon completion of the broker’s sale to BGC. External-link [Insurance Insider]

Peak Re launches Asia’s first reinsurance sidecar transaction
Hong Kong-based reinsurer Peak Re has announced its launch of Asia’s first sidecar transaction using a new Bermudian special purpose insurer, Lion Rock Re. External-link [Insurance Journal]

My precious… Brexit deal
If you’ve been on the internet at all in the past few days you will have come across this week’s most viral video: Andy Serkis, aka Gollum, reprising his iconic role with an uncomfortably brilliant Theresa May-shaped twist. His parody makes a powerful point and is well worth a watch. External-link [Financial Times]


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