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Even the most diligent amongst us are guilty of the odd bout of dithering (the PR gurus of Luther Towers excepted, of course!). Skip to our final story of the week for a one-way ticket out of procrastination station…

Swiss Re exploring IPO
After publishing its disappointing first half earnings, Swiss Re announced plans for an IPO for its closed-book business in the UK. External-link [Insurance Business]

Brit exits general aviation and international PI
Fairfax-owned carrier Brit has withdrawn from underwriting general aviation and personal indemnity. Lower-than-anticipated rate increases failed to deliver the expected boost to profits, instead serving up an 88% nosedive. External-link [Insurance Day]

Aviation underwriters looking for wind beneath their wings
With Brit and Aspen leaving the aviation sector and taking their capacity with them, aviation underwriters will be hoping that these latest market exits provide a boost to rates. External-link [Insurance Day]

LMG appoints Lebecq as CEO
LMG has appointed Clare Lebecq to its top leadership role. Chris Beazley will leave the post in August this year. External-link [Reactions]

FWD Group appoints Robert Schimek to top job amid IPO reports
Days after rumours of a forthcoming IPO surfaced at FWD Group, Robert Schimek was named as its new Managing Director and Group Chief Operating Officer. External-link [Commercial Risk]

Are insurers migrating away from insurance?
Ask the British public their opinion of insurers and it’s a safe bet the answers won’t be overwhelmingly positive; and therein lies the problem. Consumers just don’t like them much. So, how to change that perception? Oliver Ralph discusses the industry’s broadening horizons. External-link [Financial Times]

Nephila to set up own managing agency
The Lloyd’s Franchise Board this week granted ILS heavyweight Nephila permission to establish its own managing agency. External-link [Re-Insurance]

The future arrives in Japan
Japan is already known as a futuristic place brimming with ever-developing technologies, but the country’s ‘mad scientists’ may have outdone themselves now. An emerging area of research is investigating combining metals and plastics with living tissue. Someone alert Dr Who, the cyborgs are rising! External-link [Financial Times]

Productivity with Pomodoro
For those of us struggling to concentrate in this enduring heatwave, the FT’s Work & Careers Editor may have something to help. The Pomodoro method of time management promises to deliver a summer of productivity and we’ll be putting it into practise in Luther Towers… well, maybe next week. External-link [Financial Times]

How can we get better at packing our cases?
The Financial Times wonders why we are all so useless at holiday packing. External-link [Financial Times]


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