week commencing 04/02/18:

This week was all about our journey towards the technological future.  Here at Luther Towers we sometimes struggle with the thought of over-dependence on technology, but then again, who could resist insurance delivered more quickly than a take-away hamburger?

Titans of tech to collaborate on cyber risk management
In response to the ever-increasing cyber threat against businesses in America, Apple, Aon, Cisco and Allianz have announced joint plans to offer a cyber risk management solution which draws on elements of their combined tech expertise. External-link [Insurance Business Magazine]

Allianz and LV merger endangers 400 jobs
It was hailed as one of the most important deals of the year, but it was announced this week that around 400 employees could lose their jobs as a result of the Allianz LV tie-up. External-link [Insurance Post]

Paper-based trading scrapped at Lloyd’s
Lloyd’s of London is planning to mandate the use of electronic placement in the market in a drive to cut costs and improve efficiency. External-link [Financial Times]

From evolution to execution
Following Lloyd’s CEO Inga Beale’s public backing for mandating electronic placement, veteran broker Mark Geoghegan shares his thoughts on why now is the “time for execution”. External-link [Insurance Insider]

SoftBank eyes stake in Swiss Re
Talks have opened between Japanese conglomerate SoftBank and reinsurer Swiss Re about the purchase of an $11 billion (33%) minority stake. External-link [Financial Times]

Regulation is holding back innovation
Hyperion CEO David Howden yesterday asserted that the innovation that marks the London market out in the global financial industry is being stifled by the cost of regulation. External-link [Insurance Insider]

Need a decision-maker? Try the latest generation of InsurTech
With tech capabilities and their possible industry applications advancing at great speed, have we reached a point where big business decisions can reliably be taken by tech alone? Praedicat thinks so. External-link [Telegraph]

Move over fast food, instant insurance has arrived
In a world driven by convenience and speed, InsurTech start-up Homelyfe may have landed on a winning formula: quotes for customers in under four minutes. External-link [Insurance Age]

Work smarter, not harder
We’ve all heard the phrase, but how can you actually put that philosophy into practice (especially as our to-do lists start to run to multiple pages)? In order to learn how to be our most productive selves, it would appear that we need to think like economists. External-link [The Economist]


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