week commencing 02/12/18:

The most wonderful time of the year can also be the most stressful as we race to finish up before the break, shop and make all the arrangements. Take a moment to relax this weekend with a playlist promising to reduce your stress by up to 65%. And breathe…

Corporations and insurers do battle over cyber claims

The rising rate of cyber attacks hitting businesses is causing disputes between corporate claimants and their insurers. External-link [Financial Times]

 Verisk completes $87m Rulebook deal

Underwriting and data platform Rulebook will transfer from Moore Stephens to Verisk after the completion of a $87m acquisitionExternal-link  [Insurance Insider]

 WTW publishes Q3 PPL usage data

Willis Towers Watson (WTW) has demonstrated its credentials as a good corporate citizen by publishing its Q3 PPL usage data. External-link [The Insurer]

 Poor farmers to benefit from ‘smart’ insurance

Blockchain technology could soon help the world’s poorest farmers, for whom crop insurance is too expensive and droughts have especially destructive potential. External-link [Financial Times]

 UK & US markets behind Europe in divesting from coal

According to campaign group Unfriend Coal, insurers in the US and the UK are making slower progress than their European counterparts when it comes to divesting from coal and insuring polluting firms. External-link [The Guardian]

 Google and Amazon face industry opposition

Google and Amazon’s ambitions in the insurance industry are well known at this point, but commercial insurtech has closed ranks against this invasion of the giants. External-link [Tech Crunch]

World’s most relaxing playlist reduces anxiety by 65%

It’s neuroscience to the rescue this weekend with the discovery of a playlist promising to reduce anxiety by up to 65%. And breathe… External-link  [Inc]


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