week commencing 01/09/19:

Westminster may be in a flap over who’s a chlorinated chicken, but we’re not ‘frit’ to hunt down the pick of this week’s stories as Luther Towers returns to full strength after the summer break.

Carolinas vs Dorian

Parts of Charleston under water as Dorian moves through the Carolinas. External-link. Insurance Insider

Tesla’s move into broking just the start

Tesla’s move to broke customers’ motor policies in California is just the start of a journey towards underwriting customer risks using its own balance sheet in a bid to cut premiums by 20-30%. External-link. Financial Times

Lloyd’s syndicates looking to double-down

Many syndicates want to double capacity in the 2020 year of account; but will Lloyd’s go with the flow given the profitability drive? External-link. Insurance Day

Credit and political risk market on a high

According to a report by Gallagher, capacity is close to an all-time high in the commercial political risk and trade credit market, creating plenty of opportunity for insureds to place complex risks at competitive prices. External-link. Intelligent Insurer

Brexit takes $75bn out of London insurance market

Regardless of how Brexit happens, historic business has already been moving out of the London market according to a recent report. External-link. Bloomberg

Aviation renewals up in the air

A combination of reducing capacity, rising manufacturers’ liability claims and broker disruption is seeing commercial aviation rate rises in the double digits. External-link. Insurance Insider

Breath-taking losses drive re-set for renewables

Solar panels don’t do well with hailstones the size of baseballs. Wind turbines – some the height of the Eiffel Tower – are costly to repair. Losses are driving a restructuring of cover in the renewable energy market. External-link. Insurance Day

More aggressive regulation drives demand in Asia-Pac

Rising regulatory risks, particularly in Singapore and Hong Kong, are driving rising demand for D&O cover across the Asia-Pac region. External-link. Commercial Risk Asia

S&P warns reinsurers of ‘secular headwinds’

Commoditisation and alternative capital are just two of the concerns raised by S&P in a report which suggests the industry can learn lessons from others that have faced disruption. External-link. Asia Insurance Review

Getting innovative around innovation

Is innovation now so important we need to study it for its own sake as the science of progress? External-link. Economist podcast

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